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Don Henley and Eagles MP3 Ringtones
These are MP3 clips. Your phone has to be able to play those. You can download them to your phone a few different ways. You can use a data cable to transfer them if your phone allows; you can use BlueTooth if you have it; you can upload them to a ringtone server such as if your phone is able to access the internet. You can inquire with your cell phone provider for other ways. Remember that these are very small files, which affects quality.


Best of My Love


Hotel California 1

Hotel California 2

Life in the Fast Lane

The Long Run

One of These Nights 1

One of These Nights 2

Those Shoes

Victim of Love 1

Victim of Love 2

Witchy Woman 1

Witchy Woman 2

Witchy Woman 3

Witchy Woman 4


Don Henley Solo

All She Wants to Do Is Dance 1

All She Wants to Do Is Dance 2

Boys of Summer 1

Boys of Summer 2

Dirty Laundry 1

Dirty Laundry 2

Dirty Laundry 3

Driving With Your Eyes Closed

End of the Innocence 1

End of the Innocence 2

End of the Innocence 3

Heart of the Matter 1

Heart of the Matter 2

Heart of the Matter 3

I Will Not Go Quietly 1

I Will Not Go Quietly 2

Last Worthless Evening

Lilah 1

Lilah 2

New York Minute

Nobody's Business 1

Nobody's Business 2

Nobody's Business 3

Nobody's Business 4

Not Enough Love in the World

Sunset Grill 1

Sunset Grill 2

Taking You Home

Talking to the Moon 1

Talking to the Moon 2

The Unclouded Day

You Better Hang Up


Don Henley with Stevie Nicks

Leather and Lace Instrumental

Leather and Lace 2

Leather and Lace 3

This is an obscure song, but you can hear Don clearly.

The Highwayman 1

The Highwayman 2


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