All About Don Henley


Due to my (Nancy's) limited time and preoccupation with DHO's sister site GFO, DHO is very much a team effort. It was the brainchild of a woman who goes by the internet handle "DonFan." She is writing the biography and sends me articles, bootlegs, and photos. She also answers the e-mails and is in charge of updates, therefore bearing the title of "Webmistress." Right there with DF is Maleah. She not only helps with graphics such as wallpapers, banners, and many of the screenshots, she also helps with updates and e-mails. Therefore, she also receives the title of "Webmistress."

Additionally, Kay aided me with the lyric transcriptions and is always willing to help when needed. Kath helped find photos of Don. GayeLyn sent me some material for the video downloads.

Basically I'm just the "tech" person, although I did a few write-ups here and there. Thanks, everybody, for your help. Otherwise this site would never have happened.