Shiloh - I'm Gone Lyrics

I'm Gone
written: D. Henley

Goin' up to the moutain in the middle of the day
Waitin' for the west wind to come and carry me away
Starin' at the highway, but I don't see
All I see is your eyes starin' back at me

Just goin' along
Just singin' a song
Just thinkin' 'bout the time it takes to get me back
Home where I belong

Baby, I'm gone
Baby, I'm gone
Silver ship on the horizon
You know, it won't be long

I'm goin' down to the ocean, gonna lay me on the sea
Gonna let the rollin' waters work their magic over me

Baby, I'm fine
Baby, I'm fine
Don't you worry none about me
You know, I'm gonna be fine



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