Not Enough Love in the World (1985)
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"Plot" Summary: The song opens; the set is being done up. Henley and the other actors are rehearsing. He's centerstage, reading off a script. We see that it's an empty house.

Then, it goes to a scene of what appears to be a mother and father arguing in front of unhappy children during the verse "I know people hurt you so bad..." We don't know if this is backstage, or in Henley's memory. We don't know what's real.

The camera cuts back to the stage: "I was either standing in your shadow.." First you just see Henley, then Henley and the woman - a real fight? - then as the camera pulls back you realize he is playing a scene with a woman. She leaves and once more he is delivering his "lines" alone, the actors on the sidelines seeming oblivious, as if they're not a part of the play; again, the blurring of reality and stage. This blurring also occurs as the next scene takes us past a bunch of the actors to Henley and the woman again - this time there seems to be an illusion of privacy - backstage? But then we see him again out front, this time in a suit, this time without the script. It's showtime. The audience is now full. Don's performing... the woman watches, the audience watches...

And then the camera pulls around to once again see the empty house. Was all of that in Henley's head?


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