Taking You Home (2000)
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"Plot" Summary: Beautifully done video that captures the joy of innocent, unconditional love - appropriate, considering the song was written for his child. In fact, the wife and kiddies are in the video somewhere. Henley appears to be driving through one of those small towns that never quite got past the fifties, in an old-fashioned truck - the kind of truck I (Nancy) used to see when we drove to Port Arthur to see Grandmother Walters when she was still alive (call her "grandma" at your own risk! But even that run-down town looks a lot better than Port Arthur - seriously). Henley is from a small Texas town, too - I don't know if this was filmed there or not. But that photo of a Mexican restaurant makes me think it could very well have been in the Lone Star state.

We see various scenes of simple life domesticity and natural beauty - Henley rowing through marshy waters in quiet serenity; Henley riding with a child; other adults sharing tender moments with other children; children playing; a gathering of folks dressed up (I suppose for an outdoor wedding reception. In my experience, you can't get small town folks dressed up for much more than weddings, funerals, and of course Sunday services). There are other small-town scenes, like old folks in a diner, a boy tossing newspapers from a truck, a girl riding a bike on sidewalks that apparently have escaped the fate of most small-town sidewalks - huge cracks! The small town is idealized even in its deterioration; it is seen as charming rather than sad.

Interspersed with this are scenes of Henley singing at an old-fashioned microphone, with his band around him (including backup singers). They seem to be in someone's living room. This homey setting provides a contrast to glimpses of him staying in old-fashioned hotels.

A very sweet video.


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